Our Partnerships

Digital Twin – SIMUL8

SIMUL8 simulation software has been used by the world’s leading organizations to improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.  SIMUL8 offers a unique, evidence-based approach to decision making – by using a virtual representation to test the impact of business changes, you can find the best approach before implementation.

Connected Worker – PARSABLE

Parsable empowers industrial workers with modern digital tools to improve productivity, quality and safety. The Parsable Connected Worker Platform transforms static, paper-based procedures into mobile and interactive work instructions, enabling workers to leverage multimedia formats and collaborate in real time.

Machine Monitoring – RAVEN

Raven AI takes the manual labour out of data reporting, and helps companies to quickly find problems that are slowing your production time. Gain peace of mind with Raven’s real-time alerts that let the team know exactly what’s causing downtime, and where.


Vimachem is using technology to empower the people who manufacture medicines for our world. It has developed one of the biggest manufacturing intelligence platforms that is leveraging innovative configurable software applications, industrial internet of things (IIoT), artificial intelligence and cloud technologies towards OEE Monitoring and traceability.