LeanTwin Consulting

We help our clients to optimize, automate and digitize their operations utilizing Lean Six Sigma Methodologies & Digital Twin Technology.

How can we help?

We help clients with four main services. 1. Understanding Current state & Envision Future state 2. Providing a Maturity Assessment of their operations 3.  Identifying key issues and 4. Providing Insights & Solutions.

Why Lean Six Sigma together with Digital?

Lean Six Sigma principles have been used in manufacturing to drive efficiency and reduce waste. Adding digital technologies (eg. Digital Twin, AI, VR/AR, Robotics) to lean Six Sigma can take an enterprise to a whole new frontier.

Digital technologies and lean Six Sigma principles are intersecting providing a powerful combination of lean principles and constantly evolving digital technologies.

Digital Twin is able to utilize AI and VR and it is considered a cornerstone of Digital Technologies with numerous applications.

Lean Six Sigma in combination with Digital Twin Technology bring greater value –  eliminating additional waste and optimizing operating processes.

What is our Lean Six Sigma Framework?

Our Lean Six Sigma Framework is consisting of 4 main elements:

1. Lean Tools – collection of key high impact tools, 2. Lean Culture – as introduced by the Shingo Model, 3. Lean Deployment Roadmap– standardized process for deploying the tools & culture, 4. Six Sigma – improving quality issues

1. Lean Tools

     2. Lean Culture

3. Lean Deployment Roadmap

4. Six Sigma

What is the Digital Twin?

The digital twin is the virtual representation of a physical component, asset, processes, system, network of systems. It uses real-time data to visualize, diagnose, predict and prescribe services and information that are vital towards gaining valuable insight in the physical world.

Digital Twin global market in 2020 is estimated to be $6B and projected to reach $45B by 2026.

The Digital Twin Consortium is accelerating the use of Digital Twins by demonstrating the value of the technology.

Benefits of Digital Twin


Improve Product Quality

Ensure product quality with insight into the performance of operations and processes in real-time to influence and react to customization and minimize the impact on supply chain

Increase Asset Reliability

Monitor,  simulate and control an asset process or network as an effective strategy to improve system performance.

Improve Efficiency & Effectiveness

Improve productivity – operational efficiency and effectiveness – simulating, analyzing and visualizing manpower, semi – automated and fully automated operations

Predictive Maintenance

Predict issues before breakdowns occur, order Parts and schedule repairs at times that don’t impact production goals.

Envision New Opportunities

Leveraging real time data by running the digital twin in parallel with the real machine can help discovering new business opportunities & redefining the Digital transformation of the operations

Improve Safety

Protecting the health and safety of employees and business objectives, by reducing asset- and process-related incidents.

Client Results

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